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Closed Transport Cart

Closed cart for surgical instruments, sterile containers and bins
Operating Room

Closed cart designed for the safe movement of sterile containers, scope trays, endoscope bins, surgical instruments and medical supplies. With ergonomic handles, durable precision ball bearing wheels and non-marking bumpers, this easily maneuverable cart is the ideal tool for hospitals and clinics. Its sealed doors ensure patient safety by minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Compatible with automated washers, its all stainless steel frame provides superior durability even under heavy use.

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Features of the Closed Transport Cart

Models Overall Dimensions W x D x H Inner Dimensions W x D x H Doors Shelves Transport Trays
 inches mm inches mm
P008 29.825 x 27.125 x 47.375 758 x 689 x 1203 23.125 x 24.125 x 35 587 x 613 x 889 1 4 5
P009 39.39 x 29.27 x 44.825 1000 x 743 x 1139 32.225 x 25.875 x 30.1 819 x 657 x 765 2 2 s/o
* Dimensions of the closed transport cart can be adjusted as required

Advantages of the Closed Transport Cart

Durable and waterproof chassis

  • Choice of an interior with shelves or endoscope trays (P8 model only)

  • Ergonomic handle for easy control and maneuverability

  • Non-marking bumpers resistant to high temperature washing

  • Locking system with anti-vibration latch

  • Safety seal system

  • Compatible with high-temperature cart washers

  • Sealed doors to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure patient safety

  • 270-degree door swing with a fastening system

  • Card holder (dimensions in width and height 8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm)

  • Wheels resistant to automated cart washers

Description of the Closed Transport Cart

Perfectly suited to the needs of MDR Departments and Operating Rooms, these closed carts provide a unique means of transporting surgical instruments of all sizes. Thanks to the flexible configuration, it is possible to opt for an interior with 4 shelves or 5 transport trays, or a combination of both. Large sterilization containers can also be accommodated with a cart depth of 23 to 25.5 inches depending on the model chosen. Multiple options such as the clean/soiled indicator, the engraved identification plate, the "cool touch" handle and many others make it possible to effectively meet the most demanding criteria.


  • Welded monocoque structure made of stainless steel 304 #4

  • Floor with sloped drainage plane

  • Reinforced cladding for silent movement

  • Non-marking bumpers on at the four corners

  • Bolted accessories for easy maintenance


  • Removable solid shelves with drainage holes

  • Height adjustable in 2 inch increments (50 mm) 

  • Easy adjustment requiring no tools

Transport Trays

  • Holds up to five eco-friendly transport trays requiring no liner (P8 model only). See details.


  • Double-walled with drainage holes

  • Locking device to secure the door in the open position (270° opening)

  • Security seal


  • Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

  • Five inch (125 mm) diameter for strength

  • Two swivel and multidirectional casters with total brake on the handle side

  • Two directional casters on the side opposite the handle

  • Non-marking polyurethane provides excellent floor protection

  • Heat resistant and cart washers compatible

  • Sealed, maintenance free precision ball bearings


  • Stainless steel handle

  • 1.57 inch (40 mm) diameter as recommended by ergonomists

  • Located on the left or right side (as desired)

Additional Cart Options 

  • Additional handle

  • Cool touch handle

  • Selection of casters

  • Slide-out shelf

  • Wire mesh or perforated shelf

  • Engraved plate with unique personal identification number

  • Clean/Soiled indicator

  • Transport trays

Optional equipment

  • Solid, Perforated and Wire Shelves

    Selection of Shelves

  • Scope Tray

    Endoscope Transport Tray